You Grow, Girl!

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The world is fractured and polarised and complicated, but on this one point we can all agree: Plants are good. They’re good for the planet, good for our bodies, good for our spirit. Studies have shown that plants can help reduce stress, improve our mental health, sharpen our productivity, and even help us feel better about our jobs.  

There’s only one real downside to plants: They’re not super mobile. If you travel with your favorite houseplants — maybe stuffed into your luggage, or peeking out of a backpack with vines dangling around your neck — you will get some strange looks.  

We’ve got you covered.  

Just in time for Earth Day, we’re thrilled to launch our new Kimpton ‘Plant Pals’ Programme, where guests can have a plant delivered directly to their room. We know that plants can improve wellness and mental health, and these have always been part of our core values.  

All of our Kimpton Plant Pals have personalities – so you can arrange for Lottie, Flora Philip (named after one of the first women to graduate from the University of Edinburgh) or Mary Erskpine (after the great Scottish Philanthropist Mary Erskine) to be left in your room during your stay.

Even better, in the UK we’ll plant a tree for every guest who requests a Plant Pal during their stay. 

Simply request your Plant Pal below, by providing your name and the dates you’re staying with us. All Plant Pals are subject to availability.


Plant Pals