Eat the seasons

38 CHARLOTTE SQUARE, EDINBURGH, EH2 4HQ +44 (0)13 1527 4747

A Burning Coal; A Glowing Hot Ember; A Spark

Using the very best produce, the ingredients found on Aizle’s six-course tasting menu are constantly changing to give you a fleeting snapshot of the season. Aizle also prepare many of the menu elements in-house, escaping the monotony of the mass-produced: from the nutritious live ferment in their sourdough that’s paired with hand-churned butter. The drinks list receives just as much love, with home-made softs; their very own aquavit and aged kombucha going into cocktails; and a globetrotting wine list that shines a light on smaller producers. The eight-course tasting menu is £105 per person, with an additional drinks pairing option at £75 per person.

Reservation times
5-8.30pm, Wednesday to Sunday