Cooking Over A Charcoal Grill In Edinburgh

130 GEORGE STREET, EDINBURGH, EH2 4JZ+44 (0)13 1527 4999

Unexpected Flavour

BABA is a George Street dining destination in its own right. A bold turquoise palette and eye-popping textiles set the scene for what’s to come: contemporary cocktails and inventive cooking that blends Middle Eastern with Scottish influences. Mezze take centre stage here, but a charcoal grill pulls its weight, too, turning out Scottish lamb, beef, and seafood. Locals, who have been flocking here since the restaurant opened, know the secret to the menu: mix, match, and don’t be shy about sharing.

Opening times

The restaurant
Mon-Sun, 12 noon to 9pm
The bar
Sun-Thurs, 12 noon to 12 midnight
Fri-Sat, 12 noon to 1am